Thursday April 25 , 2019
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Submission to the Dept of Communications

On the 23rd of January 2015, SPA Consulting Engineers (QLD) Pty Ltd lodged a submission to the Department of Communications in response to the Government's policy paper on proposed reforms to telecommunications regulations and structure. You can view the policy paper on the Department of Communications website here.

SPA Consulting Engineers was proactive in making a submission to the Government to discuss the impacts to regional Queensland and the land development industry. Some of the features of SPA's submission are outlined as follows:

(A) The proposed policy focus is not relevant for regional Queensland

(B) Competitive neutrality is impossible as Australians have already funded NBN Co and Telstra network provisioning

(C) The policy further reduces housing affordability, reduces construction activity and has negative consequences for the wider community

(D) The proposal to apply backhaul costs to developers is unfairly biased against regional areas, and high backhaul costs could render a land development project unviable

(E) Land developers would receive no rebate for investing in a network in which they receive no continuing return for

(F) The proposal has no effective upper limit to the cost of a land development

You can view SPA Consulting Engineers submission to the Dept of Communications here