Thursday April 25 , 2019
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Telstra makes big changes in anticipation of the NBN rollout

Telstra's response to the Federal Government's proposed National Broadband Network rollout is to only provide conduits and pits free of charge. The provision of the optical fibre is a new cost that must be met by developers.

This change has meant a high degree of uncertainty for developers. Developers who apply to Telstra with an 'Intent to Develop' or an 'Application for Reticulation' now receive this email.

Note that the NBN Legislation has not been enacted so Telstra are acting in anticipation. What this all means for developers is an unknown increase in costs to provide telecommunications infrastucture.

SPA recommends that developers budget $3000 per lot for fibre to the home until the issue is resolved. Resolution may occur once the proposed legislation is finalised.