Tuesday July 05 , 2022
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SPA Consulting Engineers (QLD) Pty Ltd

Design Approach

We understand the needs of regional Queensland and the challenges produce by distance, environment and isolation. As a relatively young firm, continuing to build on our excellant reputation, we work to exceed client expectations and are committed to continual improvement.

With the experience of our staff we have the ability to offer design solutions usually associated with much larger practices. Responsive, appropriate, practical and innovative designs developed to complement project are the essence of this practice.

The following methodology is applied by SPA:

  • Close liaison and co-operation with the client, authorities and the projects civil engineers gain a precise understanding of the nature of the project, the issues and opportunities of the project.
  • Presentation of considered options to meet the project requirements.
  • During design development, careful consideration is given to the selection of the most appropriate and commercially viable systems for the project.
  • Regular reviews of estimates during documentation to ensure optimum project performance.
  • Careful co-ordination with all members of the design team.
  • Close liaison with electrical and civil contractors during construction phase to ensure effective completion of projects.

High quality, fully detailed documentation is produced for all projects and allows tenderers to prepare accurate tenders and this translates to lower tender prices for the client.


Background of Firm

SPA Consulting Engineers (QLD) Pty Ltd has operated in Cairns since September 1988 (name changes in 1999 and 2006).

In June 2005 Ergon, permitted contestable design and construction of underground residential subdivisions, known as CICW or customer initiated capital works. SPA Consulting Engineers realigned to become the industry specialists in electrical and roadway lighting associated with the land development industry. This expertise includes power systems design for both underground and overhead reticulation.

700SPA Consulting Engineers focus all experience and resources on the needs of Developers and Civil Consulting engineers to deliver best practice solutions to our clients, thereby building enduring and mutually beneficial relationships.

Our areas of specialist expertise are:

  • Design, documentation, contractor and materials management of electrical and road way lighting for underground residential (URD) and industrial /commercial subdivisions.
  • Design, documentation and management of roadway lighting and traffic signals for Councils, Department of Main Roads and associated with subdivisions, shopping centres, resorts, etc.
  • Design, documentation and management of external lighting (floodlighting, display lighting, car park lighting, etc).
  • Overhead power line design and documentation up to 66 kV.
  • Power systems engineering.